Sunday, December 9, 2012

Confessions... wedding style

Even though it's already evening on Sunday, I feel like I really need to get some confessions off my heart.  So I'm linking up with Alyx for some Sunday confessions.

1)  I suck at addressing my Save the Date cards.  I managed to get 32 done.  Then, I realized we were missing the addresses for all of Ammon's cousins.  I ran out of steam right about then.  And now we still have 50-some envelopes to hand address.  And then I have to still design all of the return address labels, print them, and put them on the envelopes.  THEN I need to get them to the post office, preferably before December 17th.

2)  I already received the Save the Date from my childhood friend who is getting married next August.  It has a lot of pictures of her with her fiancee and their dog.  I wish I weren't feeling a little bit of Save the Date envy, but I really am.  Mostly because they have already been received by their guest list.

3)  The list of craft tasks that need to be completed for the wedding is now exceeding 20 items.  Let's face it, that is a lot of items.  Let the crafting sweatshop parties commence.

4)  If it were up to me, Ammon and I would be eloping.  But now we're too far in to quit this.  So the show will go on.

I usually hate leaving my confessions at 4 items, but I am going to be doing confessions over at the other blog too, so I feel like 4 is more than plenty.  What are you confessing today?


  1. Ugh! I wish I was closer and I would definitely help you with your craft sweatshops :) let me know if I can help from afar!

  2. Oh, eloping would make life so much easier. Let me know if you need ANYTHING. Seriously.


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